Top notch 4G plans make Yomojo stand out tall amongst the crowd in Australia

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This is life. It can be fast, it can be at medium and can get slow at times. You make friends and you let them go. You attended weddings and birthdays, and you also have given condolences at funerals. At one time we used to have diaries but now we have cellular phones with modern touch screens and revolutionary applications. Front facing cameras are getting higher resolutions and the world has become more digitally connected than anything. Yomojo Promo Code has helped me maintain my social connections digitally and now I’ll tell you how I did it.

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Today’s world has become demanding and faster than before. People keep updating events of their daily lives on the digital network whereas I have to be in touch with suppliers, vendors & clients in Papua New Guinea, People’s Republic of China, New Zealand & Indonesia at certain intervals in the day.
I also stay in touch with my friends and posted about my recent vacation in Japan on Facebook. My lovely lady friend keeps snapchatting a lot and sends me such quite a lot in a month. All of this is due to the kindness and uniqueness of Yomojo.

The deals on 4G are truly top notch & for the past 6 months I’ve been using 10GB 4G package paying around AUD$ 50 per 30 days of usage which is automatically renewable without any hidden costs. The connectivity costs less than usual and the speed is awesomely fast. Working for Boeing Australia has its own perks & challenges, and it keeps on getting better all with due thanks to the one & only Yomojo.
I recommended Yomojo’s 3G package to my executive assistant who was struggling with using Telstra’s 3G data package and her struggles soon improved. My younger brother switched to 4GB 4G package and is enjoying reasonable high speeds at the most reasonable of rates. The mobile broadband packages are quite attractive as well.

I thank my buddy Darren for recommending me Yomojo. I was using Virgin Mobile Australia before and was enjoying its services as well but switching to Yomojo just raised the ante to a whole new level thereby bringing an even bigger level of mobile experience.

Thanks Darren! You’re the best!

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